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When Crime Occurs

If you see a crime in progress, call the police!

Only call 911 from a land line!

From a cell phone call 777-3211 which routes directly to OPD dispatch.

To report a crime that has already happened, call the non-emergency number 777-3333, or fill in OPD's Online Crime Reporting form.  You'll find the link on their Report a Crime page.

Send OPD an Anonymous Tip

Crime Stoppers of Oakland 
    (510) 777-8572
Homicide / Robbery Tipline
    (510) 238-7950
Illegal Drugs
   (510) 238-3784
OPD Sexual Assault Hotline
   (510) 637-0298



Next NCPC Meeting

The Greater Rockridge NCPC meets on the 2nd Thursday of even numbered months:  February, April, June, August, October, and December.  Next meeting:

Date: August 9, 2018
Time:  7:30 PM
Location:  Rockridge Library, College and Manila.

The NCPC does not meet in July; see you in August.  

Email the NCPC at if you have items you'd like to add to the NCPC agenda.  Click here to see the current agenda.

What Beat do I Live In?

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To see a map of all of Oakland's police beats, check the Police District Locator.

Five Years of Crime Statistics


Ed. Note: I wrote this article in early May 2018, when I only had 2018 statistics through April. I now have full numbers for May and have updated the tables to reflect them. May was a very slow month and has changed some minimum values.

Five years. That’s how long I’ve been keeping statistics of crime in Rockridge. I realized recently that while I’ve been publishing lists of reported crimes, and while I’ve been keeping a tally of how many crimes were reported in each of the 4 general categories I track, I haven’t looked at overall monthly trends. I recently added monthly totals to my master spreadsheet, and calculated for each year the maximum, minimum, and average number of monthly crime totals. Tabulated below are the numbers, with months in which the maximum and minimum number of crimes were reported.


Average crimes per month

Maximum crimes per month, and month

Minimum crimes per month, and month



103, Dec.

61, June



109, April

58, Sept.



95, Nov.

49, March



105, Feb.

72, Oct.


Through May


64, March

32, May

The crime numbers in this analysis are only crimes reported to the Oakland Police. If you didn’t report it, we don’t know about it.

The real question is, what kinds of crime? The NCPC crime statistics group crime reports into 4 categories. These aren’t official police categories, but are developed by the NCPC for convenience. Official statistics group crimes by the penal code sections that they violate.

NCPC Categories:

  • Crimes against the person – robberies, assaults, domestic violence
  • Property crimes – thefts, burglaries, and shoplifting
  • Auto related property crimes – car thefts and break-ins
  • Quality of life crimes – vandalism including graffiti, littering, public drunkenness, disorderly behavior

This report will concentrate on beat 12Y (outlined in red in the map shown by the link) because that’s where most of the crimes happen. Beat 13X continues to experience far fewer crimes in all categories.

We are most concerned about crimes against the person. Here are the numbers since 2014:

Crimes against the person, beat 12Y


Average crimes per month

Maximum crimes per month, and month

Minimum crimes per month, and month



11, April

3, May and June



12, Aug.

3, Dec.



13, Nov.

3, March



12, Jan. and May

3, June

2018 through May


10, March

5, April and May

You can see that on average, between 6.5 and 8.1 crimes against the person are committed in beat 12Y every month, over the last 4.5 years. Beat 13Y’s numbers in this category vary between 1 and 2 per month, except for 2017 where they had a maximum of 3 in June.

To clarify a point that can be confusing: if someone grabs your phone out of your hand and runs off with it, or points a weapon at you and demands it, that’s robbery. If you leave your phone on the table outside the restaurant while you go inside for something, and someone grabs your phone and runs off with it, that’s theft. It’s only robbery if the victim is directly involved.

Property crimes of all kinds are the major type of crime committed in Rockridge. In 2014, general property crime and auto-related crimes averaged about the same monthly frequency: around 20 incidents per month. Since then, auto-related property crime has been ahead of the general type, averaging between 3 and 12 incidents per month higher than general property crime.

Auto-related property crime, beat 12Y


Average crimes per month

Maximum crimes per month, and month

Minimum crimes per month, and month



35, Oct.

10, June



45, April

19, Aug.



47, Oct.

12, Jan.



      44, Jan. and June

19, Aug.

2018 through May


22, March

9, May

For comparison: in beat 13X, in this entire period, neither kind of property crime ever averaged more than 8 incidents per month, and the highest monthly maximum in either type of property crime was 15, in Jan. 2014. It was in auto-related crime.

It’s clear that 2014 and 2017 were big years for Rockridge crime.

Quality of life crimes never averaged much more than 10 incidents per month, sometimes much less.

Quality of life crime, beat 12Y


Average crimes per month

Maximum crimes per month, and month

Minimum crimes per month, and month



20, Dec.

5, Sept.



11, Nov.

4, Jan., March, and Sept.



11, Nov.

0, Jan.



14, July and Aug.

5, June

2018 through May


9, Jan. and March

2, May

Considering the counts recorded thus far and that the worst months are likely yet to come, there is potential for this year to set a new record for most quality of life crimes.

In beat 13X during this period, the average number of reported quality of life crimes was never over 2 per month and the maximum number that occurred in any one month was 4. In many months, none at all were reported. Three months in 2014 (March, April, and November) each had 4 reported quality of life crimes in beat 13X.

Crime Statistics for March 2018

The monthly crime statistics for March 2018, for beats 12Y and 13X, are now available on, under Resources > Crime Stats and Maps > Rockridge Crime Trends 2017-2018.  Here’s a direct link to the page:

Here is a direct link to the document:

The 2 types of property crime in beat 12Y have swapped places again.  In March auto-related crimes (burglaries and thefts) increased from 13 to 22, while other property crimes dropped from 23 to 14.  I’m concerned about the increase in crimes against the person in 12Y since January – the graph shows a steadily rising line, and March had 3 reported incidents involving assaults with firearms, and one where someone carried a loaded gun in public.  We don’t usually have that many firearm related crimes.

Crime in 13X were flat in March except for a small increase in auto-related crimes.

About Those Car Burglaries

I'd like to quote from today's column by Matier & Ross, in the San Francisco Chronicle:

What goes into the official crime stats?  Police responses and victims' reports.  A 911 call with no followup doesn't count.

Since Matier & Ross are in San Francisco, this is almost certainly San Francisco policy.  I don't know if it is also Oakland policy.  How much do we want to bet that Oakland doesn't use this policy?

Consider that.  You find that your car was broken into, or your house was burgled.  You call OPD (not 911 - call 510-777-3211, because this crime is over and done with.  911 is for crimes in progress.)  and tell the dispatcher.  You may even get an incident number.  If you don't also go to the police web site and report the crime online, there will be no record.  It never happened.

The crime reporting link is on the top of the front page of the Greater Rockridge NCPC web site.  I check it from time to time to make sure they haven't moved it somewhere else.  If you are the victim of a non-violent crime, use this link to report it to the police so it will be counted when they next assign personnel to areas of the city.

Upcoming 2018 Meetings


Date Location
August 9, 2018 Rockridge Library, College & Manila (tentative)
October 11, 2018 Rockridge Library, College & Manila (tentative)
December 13, 2018 Rockridge Library, College & Manila (tentative)
FEbruary 14, 2019 Rockridge Library, College & Manila (tentative)

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