The NCPC will update this page from time to time as we are notified of new applications to sell alcoholic beverages within beats 12Y and 13X.  Here are some reference materials for citizens on alcoholic beverage licensing:

License requests are posted publicly for 30 days only, to allow the public to comment or object.  After the 30 day period the license is either approved or rejected and no more comments may be filed.  The NCPC will check from time to time to see whether a posted license application is still pending and remove those that have been approved.

We receive 2 items for each application, the application itself and the cover letter to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.  Sometimes these are included in a single document.

July 7 ABC Applications (Beer Baron, 5900-5902 College Ave.)

July 7 ABC Memo

August 22 ABC Applications (Enoteca Molinari, 5474 College Ave.)

August 22 ABC Memo

If you want to investigate an ABC license yourself, go to and click on the License Query System link on the front page.  You can query the system using the license number, the business address, the licensee name, or the business name. 

If you have questions for the city about a specific application, the contact information for the Alcoholic Beverage Action Team (ABAT) is in the ABC Letter document for each application.

Miscellaneous Applications

We very occasionally get applications for new businesses of other types.  This area is used for those.  These are city licenses and aren't listed on

No open miscellaneous applications as of 9/9/17.