The Greater Rockridge NCPC was officially established in April 2002 to respond to the newly reorganized Community Policing Program of the City of Oakland Police Department. It supports police beats 12Y and 13X under a single NCPC and operates under its own by-laws.
Bi-monthly meetings consist of officers, committee chairpersons and volunteers, a Neighborhood Services Coordinator (NSC) from OPD, and our Community Resource Officer (CRO) – a specifically-designated OPD officer whose position is funded by Measure Z.  Any resident community member who wishes to regularly attend and participate in meetings is also welcome to join.
In addition to the bi-monthly meetings, Town Hall Meetings are held once or twice yearly, usually jointly with the Rockridge Community Planning Council. These meetings are intended specifically to answer questions about crime, to invite community input and to bring speakers of interest to meet and discuss relevant topics of interest to the Greater Rockridge neighborhood.
Officers are elected annually. As of November 2023 our officers are:

Chair: Mike Ubell
• Vice Chair: Lisa Hingley
• Secretary: Karen Ivy
• Treasurer: Eric Neville

Contact Us: 

You can email the Greater Rockridge NCPC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Revised 24 November 2023