The NCPC is made up of:

Elected Officers

Chair: Michael Ubell
Vice Chair:  Lisa Hingley
Treasurer: Eric Neville
Secretary and Information Officer: Karen Ivy

Michael Ubell


I have lived in Rockridge since 1992 and the Bay Area since 1974, mostly in the East Bay.  I have retired from a career in computer software development.  During my retirement I have become involved in volunteer groups seeking to improve life in our city and to stem the violence and crime.  Some of these groups interact with the Oakland Police Department and I saw joining the leadership of the Rockridge NCPC as a way to leverage my other activities to directly help our neighborhood.  While our problems may be focused locally, we cannot ignore what is happening it the rest of the city if we want to improve the quality of life in Rockridge.


Lisa Hingley has just joined the board.

Eric Neville


Eric Neville believes that, if it's true that we live in a democracy, that authority can be delegated but not responsibility, and ignorance of the law is no excuse; then we are all responsible for all public policy, whether we admit it or not.

Karen Ivy

Secretary/ Information officer

I’ve lived in Rockridge since 1986; I’m a native Californian and a native of the Bay Area, with 2 degrees from U.C. Berkeley.  I’m now retired from the second of my two professions:  I’ve been a librarian, and I’ve been a computer programmer/systems analyst.  I manage the NCPC web site, as well as being a member of the NCPC, and I sing with the Oakland Symphony Chorus.  I’m moderator for the 2 NCPC email groups:  Rockridge Neighborhood Watch Network and RockridgeNCPC.  These were formerly on Yahoo and are now at  I’m interested in helping the neighborhood because I live here.

Other Active Volunteers


Revised 24 November 2023