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When Crime Occurs

If you see a crime in progress, call the police!

Only call 911 from a land line!

From a cell phone call 777-3211 which routes directly to OPD dispatch.

To report a crime that has already happened, call the non-emergency number 777-3333, or fill in OPD's Online Crime Reporting form.  You'll find the link on their Report a Crime page.

Send OPD an Anonymous Tip

Crime Stoppers of Oakland 
    (510) 777-8572
Homicide / Robbery Tipline
    (510) 238-7950
Illegal Drugs
   (510) 238-3784
OPD Sexual Assault Hotline
   (510) 637-0298



Next NCPC Meeting

The Greater Rockridge NCPC meets on the 2nd Thursday of even numbered months:  February, April, June, August, October, and December.  Next meeting:

Date: October 11, 2018
Time:  7:30 PM
Location:  Rockridge Library, College and Manila.

Email the NCPC at if you have items you'd like to add to the NCPC agenda.  Click here to see the current agenda.

What Beat do I Live In?

To see a map of all of Oakland's police beats, check the Police District Locator.  Enter your address and the map will show what beat you're in.

To find the Neighborhood Council (or Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council) for your beat, check the Neighborhood Councils page on the city web site, where you'll find a map of Neighborhood Councils and a Neighborhood Council meeting schedule.

Select a news topic from the list below, then select a news article to read.

Questions about 911?

The speaker at the Greater Rockridge NCPC’s August 9 meeting will be Gina Wong, OPD Communications Dispatcher.  The NCPC has asked her to discuss issues such as:

  • How many calls do they get?  How do they assign call priorities?
  • Staffing and training – what is the timeframe for recruitment and hiring?
  • When you call 911, what do they want to know?  Why do they ask that?  How do they hand off calls for dispatch?
  • What’s the issue with calling 911 from a cell phone?  What is the non-emergency number for?

Ms. Wong will also take questions.  Join us at 7:30 PM on August 9, in the conference room of the Rockridge Library, for this interesting subject.

June 2017 Joint Meeting - Date and Time

Oakland's new Police Chief, Anne Kirkpatrick, has definitely committed to speak to a joint meeting of the Rockridge Community Planning Council (RCPC) and the Greater Rockridge Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).  The meeting date is June 29, the only Thursday she is available.  The meeting will take place at the Rockridge Library, at 7:00 PM on Thursday June 29.  We hope to see you all there.

June 2017 Joint Meeting

The Rockridge Community Planning Council (RCPC) and the Greater Rockridge Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) plan a joint meeting in June 2017. We’ve issued an invitation to Oakland’s new police chief, Anne Kirkpatrick, to address the meeting; we offered her a choice of two dates, June 8 or June 15. On either date, the meeting will be at 7 PM in the Rockridge Library meeting room. Watch the NCPC web site ( for details as we hear more. If the Chief can’t attend either date, we’ll announce revised details later.


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Upcoming 2018 and 2019 Meetings


Date Location
October 11, 2018 Rockridge Library, College & Manila (tentative)
December 13, 2018 Rockridge Library, College & Manila (tentative)
February 14, 2019 Rockridge Library, College & Manila (tentative)
April 11, 2019 Rockridge Library, College & Manila (tentative)

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