Neighborhood Watch We've got many neighborhood watches already set up, but many blocks are still left uncovered.

If you're interested in starting a neighborhood watch on your block, it's really quite simple. All you have to do is:

Step 1) Contact Brenda Ivey at the Community Services Coordinator's office, 510-238-3091. 

Step 2) Talk to your neighbors and see if they are interested; find out the best time for them to attend a meeting (typically a weekday evening about 6:30 or 7:00 PM).

Step 3) Schedule the meeting.

Step 4) Distribute flyers inviting neighbors to the Neighborhood Watch meeting about 7 to10 days before the meeting. The Police Department can supply flyers.

Step 5) On the day of the meeting, give your neighbors a call or flyer to remind them.

For full details on the process, see How to Start a Neighborhood Watch Group (from the Oakland Neighborhood Watch web site).

Once you have your group set up, the group sets its own priorities.  If there isn't an immediate crime problem, the group could arrange social events to include more neighbors, work on beautifying the area, take the CORE training, or whatever seems appropriate.  Organized Neighborhood Watch groups are encouraged to have a block party the first Tuesday in August, for National Night Out.  There will also be a Neighborhood Watch "summit" in May, to which groups can invite their neighbors.

Edited:  May 8, 2023