The monthly crime statistics for June 2021, for beats 12Y and 13X, are now available on,  under Resources > Crime Stats and Maps > Rockridge Crime Trends 2021-2022.  Here’s a direct link to the page:

Here is a direct link to the document:

Crime was up a bit in June in beat 12Y, less so in 13X.  In 12Y, Crimes against the person jumped from 8 in May to 17.  Property crimes generally went from 15 in May to 19, although auto-related property crimes were flat at 15.  Quality of life crimes increased slightly from 17 in May to 20.  In beat 13X, crime was flat within 1 instance in every category except auto-related property crimes, which jumped from 5 in May to 9.  No other category in 13X went above 5 incidents.